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Aliments Mackenzie announces acquisition of Petit Muso

Aliments Mackenzie, an expert in natural food for cats and dogs, is happy to announce the acquisition of Petit Muso, manufacturer of dog treats. Petit Muso was founded in 2012 with the mission of creating healthy treats that are made of natural, local ingredients. Petit Muso distributes its treats in over 300 pet stores throughout Quebec.

“The acquisition of Petit Muso is going to allow us to expand our position in the pet food market by adding treats to our product line. Like us, Petit Muso believes in the importance of giving our pets a healthy diet that corresponds with their psychological needs. With values so similar to ours and products that are already appreciated by our customers, our decision was easy,” says Sarah Gravel, CEO of Aliments Mackenzie Inc.

Sarah Gravel will be managing the Petit Muso brand from the Aliments Mackenzie headquarters in Bromont. The brand’s loyal clients will be happy to hear that the product will be back in stores as early as fall 2019, and that a complete rebranding will take place within the next few months. “Petit Muso’s founder had a knack for spreading her love of animals with her clients, and that’s the legacy we want to perpetuate,” says Ms. Gravel.

From a strategic standpoint, this acquisition is part of Mackenzie Foods' promise to bring forth its expertise to the Canadian pet food market. Already the owner of the Faim Museau brand, which produces raw food, recreational bones, and high-end treats, the firm continues to expand in the natural pet food world.

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