The United Kingdom exported GBP341.3 million (US$428 million) worth of pet food in 2018, according to the UK Department for International Trade. The value of British pet food exports grew 5.6% over 2017 figures. The British agency presented Pet’s Kitchen as an example of a UK company successfully exporting to pet food to Asian countries’ growing markets.

Exports to Asia help UK pet food company

Pet’s Kitchen’s first six months of pet food exports generated more than GBP100,000 (US$ ) of revenue. The UK-based pet food company forecasts exports to reach GBP500,000 this year. Within three years, Pet’s Kitchen expects to bring in more than GBP1 million (US$ ) from international sales of its Vet’s Kitchen brand.

Pet’s Kitchen encompasses a pet health services and a pet food division: Vet’s Klinic veterinary practice and Vet’s Kitchen, a pet food brand marketed as combining natural UK-sourced ingredients with veterinary expertise.

“The trends of humanisation, premiumisation, and health and wellness are prevalent now the world over,” Ben Hutton, Sales Director at Pet’s Kitchen said in a press release. “Getting insights about your brand from potential new partners in Asia and the Middle East especially can lead to new challenges but also new opportunities. You see your brand from a brand-new perspective, with each country having a unique list of requirements and preferences and it’s important to listen.

“What works in one market may not work in in another, for example fish recipes in the UK don’t sell so well but in Asia where fish is prevalent in the local cuisine, fish recipes are very popular.”

Pet’s Kitchen now sells in 10 Asian countries, including parts of the Middle East. The brand recently expanded in South Korea and Singapore with new distribution deals. The company plans to test the waters of the Chinese pet food market with entry into Hong Kong. Pet’s Kitchen also sells in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and in a grocery store chain that sells around the Gulf region. The brands plans to explore expansion into Saudi Arabia, China and Thailand.

“In markets like the Middle East and Asia, British-made products are synonymous with quality which presents a golden opportunity for UK businesses to explore these international opportunities.” Paul Shand, UK Department for International Trade’s head of trade in the South West, said in a press release.