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Darling addresses demands for transparency

Darling Ingredients Inc. has announced the hiring of James E. Stark as its new VP, Investor Relations. Melissa Gaither, current VP of Investor Relations and Global Communications, will refocus her role as VP of Global Communications and Sustainability. As Darling continues to grow, this organizational change will more effectively address the increasing demands from the investor community and how Darling communicates its corporate philosophy and strategic operations.

Mr. Stark comes to Darling after an outstanding career at Green Plains Inc., based in Omaha, Nebraska, where he held the position of EVP, Investor and Media Relations. Jim will begin his new role in December and will report to Randall C. Stuewe, Darling's Chairman and CEO. Ms. Gaither's new role helps position the company to further develop and target Darling's long-term ESG message.

As Darling Ingredients has evolved in complexity and expanded around the world, the company must spend more time refining and communicating their business strategy and results to its stakeholders; this includes shareholders, customers, employees and the communities they serve. Additionally, in today's changing times, when businesses must not overlook their responsibility to protect the planet, Corporate Social Responsibility messaging has evolved to not only demonstrate sustainable and responsible operations but to also measure and report on targets identified in Environmental, Social and Governance platforms.

By having dedicated roles for investor relations and sustainability, these critical areas can more efficiently receive focused attention and communicate with all stakeholders with a unified, well-defined message.  

Darling Ingredients Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Randall Stuewe, said, "We are pleased to announce the hiring of Jim Stark as VP, Investor Relations. Jim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge related to energy, food and agriculture to our team. Together with Melissa Gaither's extensive tenure with Darling, we are building a strong team to take Darling into the future."

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