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Redbarn launches new website

Redbarn Pet Products, a family-owned manufacturer of premium food, treats, and chews for dogs and cats, unveils a new website,, focusing on treat safety, pet nutrition tips, and quality assurance practices.

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"Our top manufacturing priorities are pet safety and product quality and we felt it was time for our website to match those same priorities," Jeff Baikie, Co-Founder of Redbarn, said. "While it showcases our product assortment in a modern, user-friendly manner, we ultimately designed it with a focus on pet parent education."

Product pages clearly highlight the health benefits and chew levels, the latter being essential to dogs safely consuming chews. A new "product picker" helps find treats by first identifying their health needs and chew level, then flavor preferences. The site is also equipped with easy to use resources like "decoding the label," an ingredients dictionary, and an educational blog.

Beyond education, Redbarn hopes the new website allows pet parents a behind-the-scenes look into their company values and manufacturing practices. Short documentary style videos introduce the audience to Redbarn's co-founders and invaluable team members who discuss everything from their love of pets, what it's like to work at Redbarn, and the importance of quality assurance. The new site also exclusively features photos and product videos from real dogs and cats who love Redbarn. 

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