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Analytical methods for melamine, triazine analogs

The following methods for detection of melamine/cyanuric acid were developed bythe Food and Drug Administration's ( FDA's) Office of Regulatory Affairs .

GC-MS Screen for the Presence of Melamine, Ammeline, Ammelide and Cyanuric Acid  (Version 2.1), May 16, 2007

GC-MS Method for Screening and Confirmation of Melamine and Related Analogs  (Version 2), May 7, 2007

The FDA Field laboratories are using LC-MS/MS methods that are capable of determining melamine and cyanuric acid at levels of 0.25 ppm in powdered infant formula and other dairy-containing food products or ingredients. These and a GC/MS method for melamine and its analogues are:

For more information, contact:

  • Jonathan Litzau , Forensic Chemistry Center (FCC), US FDA, +1.513.679.2700, ext. 268
  • Greg Mercer , Pacific Regional Laboratory - Northwest (PRL-NW), US FDA, +1.425.483.4755
  • Kevin Mulligan , +1.513.679.2700, ext. 238

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