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Counting calories may help obese pets

According to  a veterinarian at  Kansas State University , pets that are overeating and not exercising enough can benefit from owners who count their calories; much like humans might practice when on a diet.

Dr. Susan Nelson, who is an assistant professor of clinical sciences at the university, said many petfood packages offer nutritional information, which can be key in assuring pets are not getting too many calories and fat.

Nelson warns that while petfood may be increasing in quality, that also may increase fat incorporated into a diet.

"It's important to count calories if the pet is overweight, but it's probably not necessary if you have a pet that is of normal weight," Nelson said.

She suggests calories from treats not exceed 10% of a pet's diet. Veterinarians, she says, can be helpful in educating owners on what kind of diet is best for their pets.

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