6 Petfood Industry blogs, columns in March 2024

In March 2024, Petfood Industry covered pet food sales, consumer loyalty, cell-cultured meat and more.

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US private label pet food sales: Still small but soaring

March 1, 2024 β€” Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Though the U.S. has long lagged behind Europe in private label pet food sales and market share, those sales continue to grow amid ongoing pet food inflation.

The state of pet food innovation in early 2024

March 7, 2024 β€” Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Pet food innovation doesn’t always mean new products; sometimes it’s new delivery services, new market players and new research on existing ingredients.

Consumers loyal to preferred pet foods despite high prices

March 13, 2024 β€” Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Pet food inflation in the U.S. keeps falling, though prices are still much higher than three years ago; yet most owners are sticking to their pet food choices.

Cell-cultured meat for pet food nearing market appearance

March 19, 2024 β€” Tim Wall

Cell-cultured meat remained fantasy for most of the century and a quarter since it was first introduced in science fiction. However, like artificial intelligence, drone warfare, fusion power and electric cars, reality has caught up with readers.

Functional formulation delivery in pet products

March 22, 2024 β€” George Collings, Ph.D.

Functional products and ingredients are becoming more complex in the wake of consumer demand.

5 pet food takeaways from Global Pet Expo 2024

March 28, 2024 β€” Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Pet food sales growth is slowing but still outpacing other categories, partially fueled by increasing innovation, new formats and private label pet food.

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