Soft capsules manufacturer opens office in France

Aplicaps by Clover, a European soft capsules manufacturer, has opened a sales office in Nice, France.

Photo by Chloe Merle | FREEIMAGES.COM
Photo by Chloe Merle | FREEIMAGES.COM

Aplicaps by Clover, a soft capsules manufacturer, has opened a sales office in Nice, France, expanding the company’s European presence. Aplicaps by Clover was established in Spain in 2008 and is now one of the largest manufacturers of soft capsules in Southern Europe with offices in Madrid and Lisbon.

The France office will be headed by Elysabeth Cossais. The office will allow for greater proximity with the company’s major partners: ingredient suppliers, food supplement laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories.

To meet the needs of a growing market, Aplicaps by Clover draws on its R&D expertise to create formulas from innovative, patented ingredients, proven to be effective in clinical studies.

Soft capsules important in multiple industries 

Companies in more than 30 countries rely on Aplicaps by Clover to develop and manufacture their products. Aplicaps by Clover is thus involved in complementary and promising areas: pharmacy (including OTC medicine), nutrition/health (nutraceutical, nutricosmetics and food supplements), and animal supplementation.

Aplicaps by Clover offers its customers complete support from formulation, production, design, regulatory support and commercial support. Aplicaps by Clover’s techniques include:

  • Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEEDS) to increase bioavailability
  • Laser engraving to personalize the capsules, making them more easily identifiable

Pet food supplements studied 

Lallemand Animal Nutrition reports that a recent study in dogs indicated 90 percent of dogs supplemented with the probiotic B. longum showed improvement in day-to-day anxious behavior including reduction of barking, jumping, spinning and pacing as compared to a placebo. In addition around 80 percent showed a decrease in heart rate and an increase in the heart rate variability, indicating a more positive response to anxiety. Such a preliminary study is very positive in showing a positive effect on both behavioral and physiological signs of anxiety in dogs.

More information about Lallemand’s portfolio of microbial-based solutions for pet nutrition is available on the company's website. 

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