Natures Menu opens raw pet food plant in Norfolk, UK

This new Natures Menu pet food plant has a capacity of 500 tonnes (551 tons) per week.

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Natures Menu opened their newly built pet food plant in Snetterton, Norfolk, UK, which will focus on natural and raw pet foods, reported Eastern Daily Press. Pet food production started in October at the GBP17 million (US$23 million) facility.

This new Natures Menu pet food plant has a capacity of 500 tonnes (551 tons) per week. The plant is now running at 70 percent capacity. All 167 members of Natures Menu’s Norfolk-based staff have moved into the new facility.

The new facility produces raw pet food, as Natures Menu has done previously, and adds the capacity to freeze-dry meat for use in dog and cat foods and treats. Natures Menu markets their products as natural pet food.

Natures Menu touts itself as the largest raw pet food producer in Europe with 70 percent market share, according to an interview in the Eastern Daily Press. With the 500 tonne capacity of the Norfolk plant, Natures Menu’s chief executive Craig Taylor, stated that the company will be the largest natural pet food producer in Europe.

So far this year, Natures Menu sales have increased 20 percent to GBP30.5 million (US$41 million) in the year preceding March 31, 2017.

Natures Menu history and sales data

Natures Menu received permission to start construction of the newly opened pet food facility on a 10-acre plot of land in January 2016.

Natures Menu has two manufacturing sites, and another four facilities, according to the Petfood Industry Top Companies database. In 2012, their annual revenues were US$22.7 million. Annual revenues rose to US$32.2 million in 2016. In 2015, Natures Menu formed a joint venture with Agrolimen subsidiary Affinity Petcare.

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