Video: COVID-19 lessons for pet food manufacturers

Dr. Paola Cane, a crisis management expert who works with many pet food companies, shares experiences and lessons from Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak.

(Image by Andrea Gantz)
(Image by Andrea Gantz)

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread throughout the world, many pet food manufacturers in Italy, one of the hardest hit areas, experienced challenges before other companies in developed markets did. How did they cope, and what lessons have they learned?

Paola Cane, Ph.D., CEO of Mia Solution, based in Torino, Italy, works with many pet food companies in the company’s industry. In this video interview, part of Petfood Industry’s Pet Food Dialogues, she shared her insights for pet food manufacturers globally, including advice on how to prepare as various countries achieve better control of their COVID-19 outbreaks and as everyone, including pet owners, tries to determine the new future.


Crisis management for pet food companies

Cane presents further crisis management and planning tips and insights as part of a webinar, “Pet food and COVID-19, part 1: market and business outlook.” The first of a series on the pandemic’s impacts on pet food, the webinar also includes a U.S. pet food market update and outlook from Sean Simpson, associate client director of the pet vertical for Nielsen, plus the status and projections for pet food packaging from Rebecca Casey, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for TC Transcontinental Packaging.

In addition, Cane will participate in Petfood Forum 2020, speaking on pet food safety compliance and best practices for handling pet food recalls, including how an effective crisis management system can minimize negative impact.

Petfood Forum 2020 is scheduled for August 19-21 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, at the Kansas City Convention Center.


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