CODICO acquires SANYpet premium dry and wet pet food

CODICO Nutrition Animale acquires SANYpet, a European premium dry and wet pet food producer.

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Modified from a press release: 

CODICO Nutrition Animale acquired SANYpet, a European producer of branded premium dry and wet pet food for domestic animals.  

CODICO was established in 1975 by Chabbert to provide petfood products, mostly soup for dogs at the time. Bought by Dominique Senes and Dr. Yves Bienes (veterinary doctor) in 1995, the companies positioning has evolved around proximity and originality in recipes, with a premium product. The group developed its offering range around two brands, Bab’in in specialty retail and Tonviet in vet retail, and private label. In 2016, CODICO was taken over by a group of private investors with a strategy to develop organically and through M&A over the long run with no timeline horizon.  

SANYpet mostly known with the Pet Food Brands Forza 10 was born in 1996 from an intuition of Sergio Canello, veterinary surgeon and international expert in food intolerances, who dedicated forty years of his life to the discovery and treatment of the true causes of many inflammatory, chronic and autoimmune diseases, which affect dogs and cats. Forza10’s formulas are designed by Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti, pharmacist, who has experience in natural elements, plants and extracts. Sanypet was advised by Crisitian Poldi Allai.  

Forza10 operates with two production plants respectively located in Italy for the dry line and in Iceland for the wet food. Forza10 exports in more than 20 countries around the world.  

Arkios Limited, with a team led by Marco Ammirati and Arianna Braghieri, acted as financial advisors. CODICO Nutrition Animale has been advised for legal advisory by Leopoldo Giannini and Raffaele De Paola Partners of L2 STA, while for financial and tax diligence by Grant Thronton, respectively led by Stefano Marchetti (Partner), Martina Cellana (Manager), Gianni Bitetti (Partner) and Mattia Tencalla (Senior Manager). 

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