AI finds regional differences in pet food flavors

Differences may exist across the U.S. in pet owners’ preferences for their pets’ foods.

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Human cuisine varies widely across the United States, from New England clam chowder to Los Angeles food truck tacos. Pet foods tend to be similar across the nation, although some pet food recipes are modeled on specific ecosystems. Nevertheless, differences may exist across the U.S. in pet owners’ preferences for their pets’ foods. Insite AI, a provider of customizable AI solutions for category management and revenue cycle management, used an artificial intelligence system to analyze consumer purchasing patterns across the United States.

Top pet food flavor profiles by region

Miami, Florida - chicken, salmon, mixed

Phoenix, Arizona - mixed, seafood, poultry + beef 

Long Beach, California - chicken, seafood

Las Vegas, Nevada - mixed, chicken, poultry + beef 

Austin, Texas - salmon, seafood, mixed

According to Insite AI, these were the top cat food brands consumed across the major US market: Special Kitty, Pure Balance, Fancy Feast, Meow Mix, Sheeba, Blue Buffalo, and Friskies. Premium pet food products grew most between 2019 and 2020 in Miami, San Jose, Austin, Phoenix, and New Orleans. San Jose, Miami, Austin, Phoenix and Las Vegas saw the most growth in cat snacks. Insite AI used s range of publicly available data sources, which were processed by its AI platform.

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