United Raw Pet Foods announces permanent pay increases for employees

United Raw Pet Foods announces permanent pay increases for employees.

Majority-owned subsidiary of Dane Creek Capital Corp.  looks to reward employees on the front lines of its operations during the current pandemic

'When it comes to our manufacturing team, their health and safety is of paramount importance' said Brett Flahr , VP of Manufacturing for Dane Creek . 'Over the first quarter of 2020, we saw unprecedented demand for raw food from pet owners not only switching from kibble to raw feeding regimens but also from existing customers wishing to stock up as advised by their respective provincial government officials. Our manufacturing team feels obliged to ensure pet owners have the pet foods they need during these challenging times, which is evidenced by their dedication. In turn, we are obliged to look after our team'.

Dane Creek believes the growth in what many are now calling the 'stay-at-home economy' will be a net positive for the pet industry as more and more homeowners look to add dogs and cats to their families. As reported by Harvard Medical School , 'dogs' calming effect on humans appears to help people handle stress'. Harvard's research shows that dog ownership in particular reduces cardiovascular reactivity during challenging times. Spending on pets over the past several years has been on a steady upward trend and is expected to continue.

'In these troubling economic times and with many now working from home, we expect pet ownership to increase significantly which will benefit the long-term secular growth trajectory for the pet industry as a whole' added Mr. Warren.

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