Martin Gaus Academy continues to improve educational offering

The Martin Gaus Academy is expanding its educational offering by incorporating the Rabbit Academy.

The Martin Gaus Academy in Lelystad is further expanding its educational offering by incorperating the Rabbit Academy. In addition, courses in the field of terrarium animals will also be added. Martin Gaus Academy is part of Prins Petfoods. The Dutch petfood manufacturer emphasizes that sharing knowledge and animal welfare are of utmost importance. 

The Rabbit Academy was founded in 2019 by Bernice Muntz. After merging with Prins, she expects  further expansion of the professional training offers. 

Rabbit expert

Bernice Muntz will provide both courses and workshops. Her expertise in the field of pet animals broadens the range of courses. Rabbits, guinea pigs and farmyard animals including chickens are among the educational options. Classes are open to private individuals and professionals. For the latter group, an 8-day rabbit expert training will be started soon.

Terrarium animals

Rogier van Rossum has most recently joined the the Martin Gaus Academy team. Rogier has run workshops and courses on terrarium animals for many years. He will continue his activities as a teacher at the Martin Gaus Academy. Various subjects are covered by him, such as care, diseases and legislation.

The new learning

The training on rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and terrarium animals are part of The Martin Gaus Academy New Learning program. A modular training program that now covers a significant part of the Dutch pet sector. This program, together with the Martin Gaus Quality Mark, ensures animal professionals to remain at a high and current level of knowledge and makes quality also more visible to consumers.


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