Find out if your feline is a "Scaredy Cat"

TEMPTATIONS premiered "Scaredy Cat," the first-ever horror movie for cats.

Just in time for Halloween, the TEMPTATIONS brand premiered "Scaredy Cat," the first-ever horror movie for cats. The terrifying tale, which went live Friday, October 16 at 6:30 PM ET on YouTube and Amazon Fire TV, follows a lone kitty through a spooky haunted house. As a storm rages outside, a mysterious ball of yarn leads the cat from room to room, with fear lurking around every corner. The story culminates in the kitchen with the biggest fright of all – a cucumber.

"If you're a cat lover, there's a good chance you've gone down the rabbit hole of internet videos of cats jumping in fear at the sight of a cucumber," said Craig Neely, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Petcare. "Those very entertaining clips were the inspiration behind 'Scaredy Cat.' We expanded on that insight and turned cats' fear of these seemingly ordinary vegetables into a tongue-in-cheek horror movie for cats and their owners to enjoy together during the Halloween season."

The brand, along with creative agency adam&eveDDB, worked with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, to enhance the movie with specific sound frequencies that would capture cats' attention. The result is a short film truly designed for cats – and it seems to have done the trick. In advance of Friday night's premiere, the film was shared with some notable felines who unanimously gave it "two paws up." Here's what they had to say about the movie

  • October said "For an evening more frightening than a vacuum cleaner, 'Scaredy Cat' is a must see." 
  • Belarus said "Exactly how a cat would navigate a haunted house -- I was on my toes!" 
  • Bonnie and Clyde said "Full of suspense. We were on the edge of our cat tree! A cat's worst nightmare!"

This Halloween, don't trick your cat, treat them. As cat lovers prepared to snuggle up with their pets for the premiere of "Scaredy Cat," they grabbed a bag of the new TEMPTATIONS Creepy Catnip Treats. They were the purr-fect snack to enjoy during a "Scaredy Cat" movie night. The limited-edition treats were available online and at major retailers.

Tune into the film on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices by clicking on the "Scaredy Cat" banner or by saying "Alexa, find 'Scaredy Cat' on YouTube" with your Alexa Voice Remote or hands-free with a paired Echo device or Fire TV Cube.

Feline lovers could check out the "Scaredy Cat" movie trailer on YouTube and could visit the TEMPTATIONS  YouTube page on Friday, October 16 at 6:30 pm ET for the movie's premiere. For more information on "Scaredy Cat," follow the @temptationscats Instagram channel or visit

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