Frontiers in Veterinary Science publishes results of ElleVet Sciences CBD and CDBA study

ElleVet Sciences CBDA research study was published by Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

A groundbreaking research paper analyzing the results of ElleVet Sciences research study investigating the absorption of CBDA, and its role in the efficacy of their product on  dogs was published by Frontiers in Veterinary Science on September 4, 2020 (Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol, Cannabidiolic Acid, Ξ”9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid and Related Metabolites in Canine Serum After Dosing With Three Oral Forms of Hemp Extract).

While CBDA, the acidic precursor to CBD, has been widely believed to have great potential as a stand-alone compound as well as in conjunction with CBD, CBDA has been the subject of minimal research prior to this study.

The research team, led by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine with the help of colleagues at the University of Florida, did a metabolite screening with funding from ElleVet Sciences using ElleVet product, and determined that CBDA is both better absorbed and retained as compared to CBD, particularly when combined with a lecithin base as the delivery oil. CBDA is shown to be anti-inflammatory, and this superior absorption and retention offer great promise in veterinary use. The significance of the high absorption and retention means longer lasting response with ElleVet products and pet owners are getting a highly effective product for their dogs.

β€œThe absorption on cannabinoids is currently showing that using an oil base or food matrix is preferred,” says Dr. Wakshlag. β€œMost surprisingly we found that using a partial lecithin base caused a nearly two fold or greater absorption of CBDA. CBDA is the precursor to CBD and has anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and neuroprotective benefits that are likely better than CBD. This finding allows for better cannabinoid delivery and a far better chance of delivering therapeutic levels of cannabinoids in dogs.”

According to ElleVet Co-Founder and CEO Christian Kjaer, β€œWe have always known that the incredible success of our product as compared to others was in part due to our decision to include significant levels of CBDA in our formula, but it is so exciting to see it proven in this study. CBDA is even more important than we thought and is part of the reason why our product is still the only product proven to work and has a consistent 80-percent success rate.”

ElleVet Sciences is the company that conducted the first clinical trial using their product on dogs with osteoarthritis in conjunction with Dr. Wakshlag and Cornell, and their product remains the only pet CBD+CBDA product proven to work in a clinical trial. ElleVet currently has an additional 11 clinical trials and three R&D projects ongoing with results expected in 2021.

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