DU recognizes Nestlé Purina for environmental stewardship

Nestlé Purina was awarded the Ducks Unlimited Corporate Conservation Achievement Award.

NestlĂ© Purina, a global leader in pet care, was awarded the Ducks Unlimited Corporate Conservation Achievement Award at this year's first-ever virtual Ducks Unlimited National Convention. 

The award recognizes corporations from the U.S., Canada or Mexico that have made remarkable contributions to wetland conservation and environmental stewardship in North America. 

"Ducks Unlimited is grateful for the support and partnership provided by Purina." - DU CEO Adam Putnam.

"Ducks Unlimited is grateful for the support and partnership provided by Purina," said DU Chief Executive Officer Adam Putnam. "From investing in our conservation and sustainability efforts across the Midwest, strengthening our partnership with agriculture through the support of the Rice Stewardship Program, to taking such good care of our pet companions for nearly a century, we are honored to present DU's highest corporate award to Purina." 

Purina has been making high-quality, trusted pet food brands for more than 90 years. Purina's Pro Plan brand dog food is the official performance dog food of DU, and the company joined the corporate relations program in 2015 to support conservation work happening in the regions where they source ingredients for their pet foods. 

"Purina and Ducks Unlimited share a passion for dogs, the high-quality nutrition that fuels their activity and protecting the environment that we share with them," said NestlĂ© Purina Chief Executive Officer Joe Sivewright. "Ducks Unlimited has a proven track record and a collaborative approach to conservation, bringing together farmers, ranchers, sportspeople and companies for highly effective partnerships. Together, we are making a positive impact. Purina is proud to support Ducks Unlimited to make the planet a better place for people, and for their pets, now and for future generations to come." 

Purina supports several key initiatives that preserve critical ingredients and conserve soil, water and wildlife habitat. Because rice is a key ingredient in many of Purina's pet food recipes, and it's a critical dietary staple that billions of people depend on, Purina joined the USA Rice-Ducks Unlimited Rice Stewardship Program. The initiative keeps working ricelands healthy, preserves wetlands and creates habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. 

Purina also partners with DU to improve wetlands and lakes across Iowa's Prairie Pothole Region. Purina, which operates three pet food manufacturing facilities in Iowa, committed to DU's Living Lakes Initiative in Iowa to help restore and protect 1,600 acres of wetland and grasslands across the state. Restored wetlands can remove 70 percent of nitrates and 20 percent phosphorous from an upstream watershed. Restored grasslands filter runoff, reducing nitrates by up to 90 percent and phosphorus by up to 55 percent. 

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