'Pandemic' pet ownership soars

Purina uncovers 3.7 million Canadians newly adopted, purchased or fostered a cat or a dog during the pandemic.

The last year was monumental when it comes to pet ownership, with a recent survey commissioned by Purina Beyond uncovering that a whopping 3.7 million (10 per cent) of Canadians newly adopted, purchased or fostered a cat or a dog during the pandemic. With such a surge in pet ownership, Canadian pet parents, both seasoned and new, are looking for reliable information from experts in everything from training, health, behaviour, and of course - feeding and nutrition. To showcase the brand's commitment to living up to its name, Purina Beyond hosted a virtual expert panel, available here, featuring four pet industry experts in conversation about everything Canadians need to know about pet parenthood and ingredient traceability.

The panel experts include Toronto-based veterinarian Dr. Bryan Gelman, dog behaviourist Deena Cooper, pet nutrition specialist Stacy Lynn Morley and MSC Chef ambassador and traceability expert Charlotte Langley. The group shares a lively discussion answering some burning questions posed by Canadians around pet parenting and everything in between on their journey through raising their cat or dog.

"With our Purina Beyond expanded lineup, we're tapping into Canadian pet parents' need for pet food that offers natural, nourishing ingredients that are traceable back to our trusted sources," said Stacy Lynn Morley, Nutritional Communications Manager at Purina Canada. "And, with over half (59 per cent) of Canadian pet parents questioning what brand of food to purchase and 55 per cent having questions about confirming which ingredients are healthy for their beloved pet, we wanted to continue to live up to our philosophy of going beyond by ensuring Canadians have the information they need to confidently feel good about raising their pets."

Canadians can find the full range of Purina Beyond products for their cats and dogs online at purina.ca/beyond and at local retailers across the country.


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