Dane Creek announces the creation of United Raw Distribution

Dane Creek Capital announces creation of United Raw Distribution.

Dane Creek Capital announces the creation of United Raw Distribution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCCC’s majority-owned United Raw Pet Foods. With its operations anchored in Mississauga, Ontario, the distributor will offer delivery services to pet specialty retailers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

The Distributor will initially assume responsibility for the delivery of United Raw frozen raw pet food brands ‘Naturawls’, ‘Pets4Life’, ‘Mountain Dog’, and ‘Spring Meadows’ (cat), as well as DCCC pet supplement brand, ‘Baie Run’. Beginning in March, the distributor will expand its offering to include the full Spring Meadows line and ‘Dexter’s’ frozen raw pet food. United Raw’s ‘Tollden Farms’ brand will continue to be shipped to retailers from the company’s operations in Kemptville, Ontario, for the time being. The distributor is set to take over deliveries of Tollden Farms later in 2022 to allow the Kemptville location to focus its efforts on manufacturing an expanded range of Tollden Farms pet foods.

"We’ve always forgone the direct-to-consumer model in favour of supporting our pet specialty retail partners,’ said Glen Tennison, president & CFO of DCCC. "Retailers who are supporting the growth of the raw pet food industry in increasing fashion are expressing a need for twice-a-week delivery as freezer space to keep excess inventory or ‘overstock’ in their stores is limited. At the same time, the pandemic has created a need in all sectors, not just pet, for businesses to vertically integrate as much as possible, where it makes sense to do so. We see the move to assume distribution of our foods in most of Eastern Canada as the best way for us to serve the pet retail community. So, in support of our retail partners, we will be offering over 20,000 sq. ft. of warehouse capacity across our operations, including more than 5,000 sq. ft. of frozen storage featuring state-of-the-art technology unique within the pet industry; seven temperature-controlled reefer vehicles, one of the largest fleets in the frozen raw industry in Canada; and a cutting-edge cloud-based ordering and routing system designed to enhance customer service," added Mr. Tennison.

United Raw will continue to work with its other third-party distribution partners for raw food, including Solutions Pour Animaux in Quebec and Anipet Animal Supplies (‘Anipet’) in Western Canada. In the West, the company has added warehouse and freezer capacity across its Calgary, Alberta and Langford, British Columbia operations with the aim of working more closely with Anipet.

"In the West, integration will take a different form given the geographical complexities of the region. We intend to work more closely with Anipet, our current Western Canada distributor, by integrating our infrastructure with theirs to provide enhanced last-mile delivery in certain parts of Alberta and British Columbia," added Tennison.

Concurrent with this announcement, pet specialty retailers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada have been sent correspondence directly from United Raw Distribution setting out the processes for ordering and the timing for deliveries.



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