NUTRO launches campaign, new logo

NUTRO launches new campaign and logo.

Leading pet food brand NUTRO (part of the Mars family of brands), who has nearly a century-long commitment to natural pet food, is showcasing its new ad and visual identity that highlights its commitment to natural ingredients from trusted sources that support the wellbeing of our pets since its roots in 1926 via its first new campaign in 3 years: “Let’s Grow Healthy Pets.” 

Now more than ever, pet parents want to the very best for their furry loved ones. Recognizing this, the brand is evolving its entire experience to connect the next generation of pet food with its roots, while helping pet owners get closer to nature through natural ingredients from its trusted network of farmers and suppliers.  

Grounded in the brand’s dedication healthy pets, NUTRO partnered with BBDO to produce an ad where animals appear to grow, not as traditional pets, but more similarly to fruits, vegetables and grains that our pets consume, drawing connection between healthy ingredien and the nutritional needs of pets. It’s just any other average day of a farm...except with a playful, canine twist. 

In addition, the brand is introducing a distinctive, modern new design system featuring a simplified logo in partnership with design agency Jones Knowles Ritchie.   

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