Fancy Feast launches 'Signifi-Cat Other' collection for Valentine's Day

Fancy Feast offering specialized merchandise for Valentine's Day.

If your ideal Valentine's Day means staying in and curling up with your cat, you're not alone. In fact, 1 in 5 cat parents would rather spend the day with their cat than a significant other*. This year, Fancy Feast, the most popular brand of gourmet wet cat food in the U.S.**, is encouraging cat-owners to stay home and cozy up with their SCO (Signifi-Cat Other) with The Cuddle Collection by Fancy Feast–a limited-edition collection of Fancy Feast merchandise–designed for the purrfect cozy night in, plus The Cuddle Decoder to help interpret their cat's cuddling behavior.

The Cuddle Collection comes with a special Valentine’s Day eating experience for cats, including a “surf and turf” dinner of Fancy Feast Medleys, Broths and Savory Cravings treats, alongside a heart-shaped serving plate and gold spoon.

Fancy Feast, the experts in cat mealtime bonding and all the ways cats say, “I love you,” is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering cat owners insights into all the ways their signifi-cat others show affection.

The Cuddle Collection by Fancy Feast is available for $62.14 on, while supplies last.

The Cuddle Collection

Available now at, The Cuddle Collection by Fancy Feast was created to celebrate the special bond between cats and their owners and gives cat lovers a way to show their cats just how much they mean to them this Valentine's Day. It features specially curated gifts to keep cat lovers feeling warm and fuzzy–and fancy--including a Fancy Feast embroidered cat-ear sweater perfect for snuggling with your (real) Valentine, embroidered socks to keep your feet warm, heart-shaped cat toys for the perfect play date and an insulated wine glass to toast to your love. 

And since 43% of pet owners who are in a relationship say they're likely to prepare a special meal just for their pet on Valentine's Day*, The Cuddle Collection comes with a special Valentine's Day eating experience your cat will fall head over paws for–including a "surf and turf" dinner of Fancy Feast Medleys, Broths and Savory Cravings treats, alongside a heart-shaped serving plate and gold spoon–as the most special meals are ones served from the heart.

The Cuddle Decoder

As experts on all the ways cats say, "I love you," Fancy Feast is pairing the Cuddle Collection with the Cuddle Decoder, featuring insights from Purina pet behaviorist, Dr. Annie Valuska. The Cuddle Decoder is designed to help you understand the ways your cat shows their affection while you stay in, snuggle and savor Valentine's Day.

"While your cat's vocalizations may be easier to pick up on, paying attention to their body language can improve your understanding of your cat and help create a closer bond," said Dr. Valuska. "For example, when it comes to cuddling, studies indicate that it is truly a bonding behavior for cats. So if your cat wants to cuddle with you–whether that's napping on your lap, resting on your chest, or lying next to you–it's a sign that they trust you."

The Cuddle Decoder features four cuddle styles to help cat owners decipher some of the delightful details behind their cat's cuddling behavior:

  • The Leg Warmer: It's not just stylish feline footwear – when your cat nuzzles your legs, she's mirroring the way cats naturally use close contact as a form of showing affection.
  • The No Boundaries Bestie: This in-your-space affection is an incredible compliment, because cats only share their personal space with people they've bonded with.
  • The Playful Paramour: Engaging in playful pouncing, hide and seek, and other fun with your cat is a great way to not only provide mental stimulation, but also strengthen your relationship.
  • The Near & Dear: Even if your cat isn't cuddling right next to you, just being in your presence shows they trust you and are comfortable around you. One sign to look for to see if your cat is feeling calm and relaxed is the "slow blink." If you notice your cat slow-blinking at you, offer a slow blink back.

The Cuddle Collection by Fancy Feast is available for $62.14, while supplies last. To purchase the Cuddle Collection by Fancy Feast, learn more about the Cuddle Decoder or to share a special Fancy Feast Valentine featuring the iconic Fancy Feast cat, visit



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