Chewy introduces first pet wellness brand

Chewy introduces first pet wellness brand.

Vibeful is Chewy’s first pet wellness brand, featuring a line of 20 supplements and vitamins crafted to keep your pet healthy and feeling their best all day, every day.

From multivitamins for hip and joint support for all the smooth moves, to wild Alaskan salmon oil for those skin and coat glow-up vibes, Vibeful’s supplements are designed to complement your pet’s daily wellness routine and support your pet from nose to tail.

Made with the love, care and expertise of Chewy’s pet experts, these suplements feature A-game ingredients with NO artificial flavors or colors and come in a variety of soft chews, liquids and powders. Vibeful supplements come in a variety of lip-smacking flavors pets love like chicken, salmon & peanut butter, making them easy to give and something your pet will look forward to every day. 

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