Blue Buffalo partners with actress for National Sleep Awareness Month

Blue Buffalo partners with actress for National Sleep Awareness Month.

In celebration of National Sleep Awareness Month, Blue Buffalo,the nation's leading natural pet food company, is announcing a partnership with actress and real-life cat parent Angela Kinsey to offer healthy sleep solutions for cats and cat parents. Kinsey is best known for her portrayal as the beloved cat lady Angela Martin on The Office.

According to a recent study conducted by Blue Buffalo, 4 out of 5 cat parents report their cats are awake and active at night, and 47 percent say their sleep is disrupted by their cat’s antics. With nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of cat parents who experience disrupted sleep looking for ways to manage their cat’s activities, Blue Buffalo is teaming up with Kinsey to offer fun and effective ways to manage these common behaviors.

“I know all too well about funny dawn and dusk behaviors with my cats, Snickers and Oreo, from snuggling in my hair at bedtime to being very chatty and running full speed through the house,” shares Kinsey. “Since these hilarious hijinks can often keep us up at night, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Blue Buffalo to share some simple solutions that have worked in my home, like plenty of active play before bed and shifting the regular evening meal closer to bedtime. I feed Snickers and Oreo BLUE Tastefuls to ensure they are well nourished throughout the day. Plus, they love the taste–so I don’t have to choose between food they enjoy and good nutrition.”

BLUE Tastefuls is a portfolio of deliciously healthy wet and dry cat food specially crafted to entice even the most finicky felines while delivering high-quality nutrition through natural ingredients. The product line comes in a wide variety of meat-first recipes and textures to please every cat’s palate. Every BLUE Tastefuls recipe also fulfills the brand’s True BLUE Promise of using the finest natural ingredients—real meat as the first ingredient, NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, NO corn, wheat or soy and NO artificial flavors and preservatives.

Angela Kinsey and Blue Buffalo’s top tips for cat parents during National Sleep Awareness Month:

·       Play with your cats close to bedtime to enhance your bond at the end of a busy day and help tire them out.

·       Minimize catnaps during the day.

·       Keep mealtimes on a regular schedule to create consistency and try shifting one feeding closer to bedtime.

·       Keep cats healthy and well-nourished with a natural food made with high-quality, healthy ingredients, such as BLUE Tastefuls, which ensures cat parents never have to compromise on taste or nutrition for their feline family members.

BLUE Tastefuls comes in a variety of textures and flavors, all made with natural ingredients, like wholesome grains and vegetables, and enhanced with vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients.

·       Dry Food

·       Wet Food in Cans

·       Wet Food in Singles – Perfectly portioned cups in a handy twin-pack: Just snap, peel, pop, and chop

To learn more about BLUE Tastefuls, please visit and follow Blue Buffalo on Instagram at @bluebuffalo, Twitter at @bluebuffalo and Facebook at

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