Kormotech saving pets in Ukraine

The pets of Ukraine were left in need of aid due to the war and, before the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative, their needs were being ignored.

The war in Ukraine has caused major damage to the region, putting strain on the people and pets of the country. With all of the destruction and loss of human life, charitable initiatives have been primarily focused on the people of Ukraine (who have been and currently are in need of help). 

The pets of Ukraine were also left in need of aid due to the war and–before the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative–their needs were being ignored. This led to stress on both pet parents and their furry companions. 

Leaders at Kormotech and other companies around the world noticed this and got to work on what is now known as the “Save Pets of Ukraine” charitable initiative. 

What started with a dream to help dogs and cats in Ukraine quickly developed into an international effort to provide pets with the food and supplies needed to save pets from starvation and sickness. 

The “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative has delivered over 1,030 tons of pet food (of which, Kormotech provided about 200 tons). Moreover, Kormotech and the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative has raised over $2.3 million USD (with the help of Ukrainian and global partners). Thanks to the work of the team, volunteers and the support of Ukrainian and international partners, the initiative has been able to help more than 260 thousand beautiful, furry companions.  

Rostyslav Vovk (CEO and founder of Kormotech) and the team at Kormotech have been stunned and excited by the amount of support that the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative has received from animal lovers all over the globe. They wish to express their gratitude to everyone who supported–and continues to support–the pets and people of Ukraine. 

The main partners of the initiative are Greater Good Charities, American Pet Products Association, UK Pet Industry Federation, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies and the U-Hearts Foundation. The initiative has sourced donations from charities, pet industry leaders and individuals across the world, including countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Germany. 

Rostyslav Vovk had some powerful things to say about both the war in Ukraine and how people around the world have been able to support Ukraine by purchasing Kormotech products as Optimeal pet food in the US.

“We keep fighting for our identity, we keep living, we keep winning, and the day of victory will be ours,” Rostyslav said. “We would like to remind you that every time you purchase Optimeal you are supporting the economy and people of Ukraine. Optimeal and other Kormotech products offer pet food you can feel good purchasing, knowing it is going back to relief efforts in Ukraine.” 

Kormotech is dedicated to helping pet owners around the globe by creating a brighter future for both pets and their owners. If you would like to donate and support the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative, donate HERE.

For more information about Kormotech and its products, reach out via contact form.


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