Percuro donates to rescue charity

Percuro makes donation to hedgehog charity.

The non-profit voluntary organization, Digby's Hedgehog Rescue, took delivery of the hypoallergenic dog kibble with a retail value of approximately ÂŁ3000. The generous philanthropic donation by Percuro Pet Food is part of the company's commitment to its moral framework by helping to support small animal charities during the current challenging cost of living crisis.

Shannan Hawker, managing director and founder of the organization said, "Working with Percuro has totally blown my mind on how generous, friendly, helpful and truly heartwarming a company can care about such an amazing little animal like hedgehogs. We are feeding Percuro puppy dog food to our hedgehogs, and they love it. It's great that it is insect protein and brilliant that it's cruelty free, and all wrapped in recyclable planet friendly packaging. We also give the hedgehogs in our care Percuro insect protein 'Snappies' dog treats when they are being cleaned out or have a treatment as a little treat, similar to when you visit the doctor for an injection, and they give you a sweet. Hopefully, we can save this endangered animal and bring them back into gardens for our children to enjoy. It just proves that by working together with a common goal, great things can happen."

"The hedgehog populations are in decline in the UK and across Europe. According to The State of Britain's Hedgehogs 2022 report there has been a 30%–75% decline in the number of hedgehogs throughout the British countryside since 2000 and consequently hedgehogs have been placed on the red list of vulnerable species. We are delighted to support Shannan and her amazing team of volunteers by contributing to the feeding programme of the hedgehogs in their care at Digby's Hedgehog Rescue. As natural consumers of insects, we were confident that hedgehogs would favour our delicious insect protein based dog food. We formulated Percuro to help dogs live better longer, and it's wonderful that our highly nutritious food facilitates in the recovery of the hedgehogs to enable their release back to a natural habitat," commented Denise Saber, founder of Percuro Pet Food.


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