Prospera Nutri focusing on natural ingredient pet foods

The company will make available several options of natural ingredient options to meet consumer wants.

In the global and Brazilian pet food market, it is possible to observe a strong trend in the search for more natural foods by pet owners, aiming at the well-being and a healthier and longer life for their pet.

The choice of ingredients is essential for the production of a high quality food that meets the nutritional requirements of pets. Therefore, consumers are analyzing the composition of products more carefully, increasingly looking for foods that have ingredients of higher nutritional quality and as natural as possible. According to the Petfood Industry (2020), 52% of pet owners are more likely to buy a food that is made from natural ingredients.

However, there are still many products on the market that have various artificial and synthetic ingredients in their composition, such as food additives. These ingredients are often suspected of causing problems in the health of pets, but there are still few studies that support this hypothesis. There is already a strong movement in the productive sector and the consumer market to replace these ingredients with natural alternatives that serve the same purpose and optimize the nutrition of pets.

Given this scenario, Prospera Nutri innovates in the raw materials market, bringing the Brazilian Ingredients Line, Amazon stage, which will make available in its portfolio several options of natural ingredients, with high nutritional value and a huge diversity of pigment compounds, antioxidants and immunostimulants, which will meet this growing demand from the productive and consumer sectors.

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