ADM licenses Gnubiotics product

ADM licenses Gnubiotics product.

ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition, announces it has licensed AMOBIOME from Gnubiotics, a Swiss biotech company pioneering the use of glycopeptides that can support the microbiome and overall health.

Gnubiotics’ AMOBIOME ingredient is a unique class of compounds (glycopeptides) that possess properties known to support digestive health and the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. ADM will utilize the glycopeptide compounds in formulations for supplements and pet food across its global supply chain. Glycopeptides are fermentable fibers that are established to contribute to a healthy gut. Scientists at Gnubiotics investigated the effect of the milk oligosaccharide biosimilar on the gut microbiome composition and have recently published intriguing data suggesting AMOBIOME may provide microbiome stability during disturbance by an antibiotic.

“Consumers are increasingly seeking customized nutrition solutions for their pets as they come to believe that what’s good for people can also be good for pets–especially at a time when many consumers recognize that a healthy gut is the root of wellness,” said Jorge Martínez, president, ADM Pet Nutrition. “The gut microbiome presents new opportunities to support overall pet health and wellness as scientific understanding of microbiota continues to grow.”

Gnubiotics has conducted extensive research on the safety and utility of animal milk oligosaccharides and achieved GRAS independent conclusions status in 2021. In December 2022, Gnubiotics received a “no questions” letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for AMOBIOME as a source of amino acids, peptides and glycopeptides in food for cats and dogs.

The FDA established the GRAS Notification process to ensure companies performed the necessary research and testing, demonstrating their food ingredients are safe for the public at the intended levels and use specified within the GRAS Notice. GRAS status is recognized in many countries outside the U.S. and aids in garnering regulatory ingredient acceptance abroad. A “no questions” letter is how the FDA publicly affirms that they have no questions at this time regarding the GRAS conclusion that the ingredient is generally recognized as safe under the intended conditions of use, which in turn communicates to industry that the ingredient is therefore permitted for use.

“A ‘no questions’ letter provides an additional level of regulatory acceptance as we continue to prioritize safety and transparency for AMOBIOME,” said Yemi Adesokan, CEO of Gnubiotics. “AMOBIOME has the potential to be a game-changing ingredient in pet nutrition, and we’re excited to partner with ADM to ensure the benefits of this microbiome innovation reach pets and pet parents globally.”

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