DSM building new facility in Kansas

DSM is building new facility in Kansas.

DSM is expanding its NA premix capabilities by building a new state-of-the-art premix plant in Tonganoxie, Kansas.  Strategically located in the middle of the US close to the heartland of US pet food manufacturing.The plant is scheduled to open in 2025 and includes the following capabilities:

  • Precise automated addition of micro ingredients to premixes, including those considered high-risk, in a fully traceable manner, much faster and accurate than manual addition.
  • Containerized transport, with a full batch assembly in one container that moves about the facility.
  • Expanded capability to blend more 3rd party raw materials, to meet the needs of more complex and evolving pet product formulations.
  • Plant designed from the ground up to meet and exceed pet food industry quality and food requirements. Utilizes 100% renewable energy sources.

The DSM pet business group is leveraging its Food & Beverage business unit’s extensive experience in delivering meat-free flavor solutions to the human food market. At the Petfood Forum, it will be introducing two yeast based products: Multirome Powder Blend and Maxarome Premium Powder for improved dog and cat food acceptability. From the DSM First Choice Ingredient business, the DSM pet business group will discuss a new flavor product, Natural Cheddar Cheese flavor

Sustainability is also core to DSM. To deliver on its promise to the markets it serves, it has created Environmental Product Declarations for its top products sold to the pet food industry. These provide tangible evidence that DSM is putting the time and effort to support its customer’s ambitions to become more sustainable businesses. This is driven by embedding long-term value creation in both the company’s purpose-led, performance-driven strategy and the company culture. Sustainability is central to DSM’s purpose.   



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