HorizonPSI partnering with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing

HorizonPSI partners with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing.

HorizonPSI is partnering with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing to offer the industry-leading Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood as an option on HorizonPSI’s Sanitary Negative Airlift System. Together, the system creates the most sanitary, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective Negative Airlift solution on the market.

“Being the best possible partner to our customers means that we proudly partner with other industry leaders when it creates the best possible solution,” said Wes Kuhl, HorizonPSI president. “This is why we chose to partner with Frazer-Nash to offer our customers their Sanitary Extruder Hood, providing customers with operational cost savings and ease of use.”

HorizonPSI’s Negative Airlift System conveys pet food products from the extruder to the dryer, while minimizing the risk of post-processing contamination and product loss. The system makes it easy for customers to conform to all FSMA and GFSI standards for sanitation and safety. Engineered components like HorizonPSI’s machined metal-to-metal compression couplings and Kleen Horizonal Product Separator ensure the entire system is easy to access for cleaning.

The Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood provides cost savings over time when compared to other hood options. With limited kibble and fines loss, less downtime and very low maintenance costs, the Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood is proven to be cheaper to purchase and operate over a three-year period.

With tool-less access, no required floor support and zero alignment issues, the Sanitary Extruder Hood is easy to operate and requires a smaller footprint. The stainless-steel construction, excellent all-around access for cleaning and maintenance, plus an air divert for high temperature bake-out make sanitation a breeze.

HorizonPSI has more than 40 years of experience engineering, manufacturing, installing and maintaining process solutions for the pet food, food, plastics and chemical industries. Company engineers have worked with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing to ensure the Sanitary Extruder Hood works seamlessly with the Negative Airlift System to meet or exceed customer expectations.

“Partnering with HorizonPSI was an easy decision for us,” said Paul Mortlock, Frazer-Nash Manufacturing managing director. “HorizonPSI shares our commitment to innovation and customer service. Together, we create the best negative airlift solution available.”

HorizonPSI will showcase the Negative Airlift System with the Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood and other pet food processing solutions May 1-3, 2023, at Petfood Forum Booth #2726 in Kansas City, Missouri. Those interested in more information should contact HorizonPSI at horizonpsi.com or 1-800-842-1600.



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