Arbiom announces European collaborative project

Opening first plant in France

Arbiom, an agricultural-biotech company developing solutions to deliver next generation protein ingredients, announces the kick-off of SYLPLANT project. This European collaborative project gathers 17 partners covering the entire food and feed value chains from feedstock manufacturers to retailers. It is co-funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium. SYLPLANT is built on the success of Sylfeed, a four-year project funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (predecessor of CBE JU), where Arbiom successfully scaled-up its technology and validated the performance of SylPro, its flagship ingredient. 

“This factory paves the way to Arbiom’s industrial deployment. It will bring 10.000 tons/year of alternative, highly nutritional and sustainable protein to the market to answer the future food needs.” said Marc CHEVREL, CEO of Arbiom.

This project’s importance at both France and European levels is underscored by the France Relance funding obtained in 2022 and now the €14 million CBE JU grant for the next three years.


With an estimated population of 8.5 billion of people by 2030, the world is facing the daunting challenge of meeting the growing demand for a sustainable production of food while improving its quality. The strong reliance on imports for protein consumption in Europe exemplifies this challenge and confirms the necessity to increase and develop European protein sovereignty with local alternatives, such as Arbiom products. 

CBE JU Executive director NicolĂł Giacomuzzi-Moore said“CBE JU is very proud to co-fund this pioneering project. SYLPLANT is the perfect answer to ensure European food security and sovereignty and so contributes to the viability of the food system”.

As part of SYLPLANT, the consortium will work on the sequent objectives for the next three years

  • Constructing & operating Arbiom’s first plant in France to reach 10,000 ton per year of ingredient production
  • Validating the use of SylPro in feed applications including aqua feed and pet food and gathering consumer insights
  • Developing the next generation of foods such as cheese analogs, meat-analogs and specialized nutrition products with Arbiom’s ingredient


Through SYLPLANT, Arbiom brings together European experts of the entire value chain from feedstocks manufacturers to retailers to build the future of food.

“We are convinced that collaborating with strong market partners of the feed and food sectors will enable to accelerate the development of next generation ingredients.” according to AmĂ©lie DROUAULT, VP of business development for Arbiom.



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