CULT Food Science reveals testing of its cultivated pet food ingredients

Bmmune found to be a viable option to popular animal proteins.

CULT Food Science, a pioneer in the investment, development, and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, has revealed independent, third-party testing of its initial cultivated pet food ingredients. The laboratory results show Bmmune, CULT's patented cultivated ingredient, exceeds industry-defined standards for protein and essential amino acids and is a viable if not better alternative to popular premium animal proteins like chicken and lamb.

Bmmune is a patented blend of high-protein, nutritional yeast and fermentation products and is the foundational ingredient in CULT's ground-breaking Noochies! Cultivated Pet Food brand. Results of independent laboratory analysis show nearly twice the level of protein in Bmmune compared to the industry standard set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Bmmune far exceeds standard levels for essential amino acids in dog foods. Normally, the limiting amino acids are those that contain sulfur–methionine, cysteine–which are typically lower in plant-based proteins. But in Bmmune, those amino acids still far exceed the AAFCO-set standards.

Bmmune outperforms popular animal proteins in many instances as well, proving it is a viable single-ingredient, all-natural alternative to animal proteins. It is a low-input ingredient made without extensive usage of arable land, fresh water and carbon-emitting farmed animals or equipment. The recent studies on its protein and amino acid profiles reaffirm it is a premium sustainable protein.

"Our testing confirms our Bmmune ingredient is a true alternative to conventional proteins, a single ingredient that soars past stated AAFCO minimums and stacks up against popular animal proteins," said Joshua Errett, VP of Product at CULT. "This is premium nutrition without the environmental harm--a future-proofed pet food."

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