MikMak releases report

Study highlights the top-performing social channels and retailers for pet care shoppers.

MikMak, the global software company that helps the world’s leading brands grow commerce first, released its 2023 Pet Care Benchmarks and Insights Report. The report features insights on the top-performing social channels and retailers for brands targeting pet care shoppers based on the MikMak Shopping Index.

According to Insider Intelligence, nearly half of all U.S. pet product sales will be online by 2025. Retailers are leaning into that desire by offering subscription programs that drive repeat engagement amongst customers. For example, Chewy’s “auto-ship” functionality, which sends products to shoppers on a specific cadence, represented 73.3% of the company’s net sales in 2022. 

Key insights highlighted in the report:

  • Meta channels drive the highest Purchase Intent for Pet Care brands: Instagram and Facebook yield the highest Purchase Intent Rate for Pet Care products, both at 5.0 % (1.6 x than the category benchmark)
    • TikTok has a PI Rate of 2.9, just under the category benchmark, followed by YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. 
    • Shoppers are turning to Amazon for their pet care products: Specialty pet care retailers dominate the top five retailers in the category, but Amazon drives the most in-market traffic with 31.9% of Purchase Intent Clicks.
    • Specialty pet care retailer, Chewy, is second with 24.9%, followed by Petco at 16.6 %. Walmart and PetSmart round out the top 5 retailers at 15.5% and 11.1%, respectively. 
    • Cat Litter is the top product in shopper’s baskets based on Purchase Intent: The average pet care cart is about five items. And the top three products are all geared toward cats, including items like cat litter and chicken-flavored cat food. 

“The Pet Care eCommerce market is only expected to grow, posing a huge opportunity for online retailers and brands that can effectively market to the right audiences,” said Rachel Tipograph, founder & CEO of MikMak. “As the landscape gets more competitive with big box retailers amping up offerings to cater to these audiences, MikMak's real-time insights help brands that sell through these retailers have full confidence in where they spend their next dollar.”

All data from the “2023 Pet Care Benchmarks and Insights Report” is sourced from the MikMak Shopping Index. The MikMak Shopping Index was developed to provide a standardized set of metrics, methodology and benchmarks to drive brands’ business results and strategy. It is a collection of eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) collected across hundreds of brands, over 250 channels and more than 3,000 retailer integrations to understand consumer online shopping behavior. The Index also includes data from MikMak Shopper Intelligence, which ties first-party eCommerce data to over 1,000 demographic and psychographic data points and can be segmented by product, retailer and more. Shopper Intelligence is available through an industry-exclusive partnership with LiveRamp. All data in this report is from June 2022 to June 2023.

In June, the company launched MikMak 3.0 featuring new capabilities to enable global brand growth and fuel deeper global insights for partners. The enhanced platform enables commerce and conversion opportunities across every consumer touchpoint, along with more advanced category, retailer and consumer analytics from around the world, to guide decision-making across a brand’s entire organization and drive real business results. 

To access the full report, please visit MikMak.com.



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