Austin and Kat partners with Independent Pet Supply

New partnership will enable a regional distributor on the West Coast.

Austin and Kat, the innovative brand of premium holistic pet remedies, and Independent Pet Supply (IPS), a family-run distributor known for supporting retailers with tried and true products, announced their partnership to provide regional distribution to the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. This partnership leverages Austin and Kat's new Blend#4 formula, enriched with over 40% more cannabinoids and the prized CBDA molecule, to offer the most effective solutions for pet parents in these regions.

"We're thrilled to join forces with IPS," said Kat Donatello, founder of Austin and Kat. "Having IPS's brilliant and knowledgeable retailers to expand our footprint in our own backyard means that we can meet the needs of a new customer base and continue our mission of improving pet wellness." Mike Rouhizad, CEO of Independent Pet Supply South added, "Partnering with Austin and Kat aligns perfectly with our dedication to quality and first-class service. Their commitment to handcrafted, scientifically-backed pet wellness products resonates with our promise to only deliver the best. We're excited to work alongside the Austin and Kat team to grow the brand and continue serving the pet community with the same passion and discernment we've held for over 28 years."

Austin and Kat's in-house science team meticulously formulates all products by hand, in small batches, in its own facility, The Makery, located in South Seattle. Ethically-sourced ingredients and rigorous third-party testing ensure the highest consistency and purity that the company's reputation is built on. With 30 years of experience, Independent Pet Supply has recently opened a second distribution center in Southern California, aiming to empower retail partners with fresh ideas needed to thrive in the industry. Both founder-led and family-run, Austin and Kat and IPS are employee-owned companies, translating to a 100% commitment to all customers, furry or otherwise. Austin and Kat's expanding distribution network exemplifies the company's growth and commitment to accessibility for pet owners nationwide. In addition to partnering with IPS, Austin and Kat are proud to work with three distributors: Independent Pet Supply (IPS), Pet Food Experts (PFX) and Southeast Pet (SEP).

This collaboration with multiple distributors is essential for growth and complete coverage in the pet wellness market. For more information on Austin and Kat, please visit 


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