McLovin's to collaborate with Canature Kitchen LA

Agreement enables McLovin's to secure future production capacity.

CADUCEUS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, parent company of McLovin's, a distributor of pet food and supplies, is pleased to announce McLovin's has signed an agreement to secure future production capacity from key supplier Canature Kitchen LA.

The company has executed an agreement with one of its key suppliers to secure production capacity. The strategic move was initiated and finalized to guarantee the company's continued access to future production capacity. Considering the increasing volume of orders and demand for the company's pet food products, management took steps and continues to take steps to ensure fulfillment of its ever-increasing orders.

Canature Kitchen LA is in the late stages of completing a new production facility in California. The facility is within 45 miles from the port of Los Angeles and within one mile of a  major freeway, therefore providing increased logistics efficiency. The production capacity of the facility will be 1,500 tons of freeze-dried pet food annually.

David Ji, chief executive officer, and director of Caduceus stated, "Demand for our products and the number of orders we are receiving from distribution partners and big chain stores continues to increase. We have made a strategic move to secure production capacity from one of our key suppliers Canature Kitchen LA."

The company is also in the process of finalizing an agreement to further increase its production capacity beyond the current agreement. The company's goal is to increase capacity but also reduce its cost of goods through a strategic acquisition.

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