Pet Sustainability Coalition announces top performers

Ten new companies have been added to the list.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) is excited to announce its new group of top performers, chosen from the highest achieving pool of accredited companies that have published public-facing sustainability or CSR reports. PSC congratulates these industry leaders for their steadfast commitment to measurable and transparent sustainability practices.

This year’s Top Performers are the ones with a published sustainability report with the highest baseline scores within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showing comprehensive commitment to principles across all 17 of the SDGs focusing on topics such as human rights, labor practices, environmental management and good governance. 


The 2023-2024 Top Performers are:


The PSC Accreditation program exists for those companies who go above and beyond with their sustainability performance. They are ready to share a transparent and third-party verified assessment of their impact with their stakeholders and are committed to continuous improvement. Accredited companies align their sustainability practices with the globally recognized SDGs. Alignment with these goals ensures that companies are working towards outcomes that are universally recognized as optimal and can be tracked and measured for desired impact. 

To see all of the PSC accredited brands, please download the Sustainable Brands Booklet and the Sustainable Suppliers & Manufacturers Booklet. 

To learn more about PSC Accreditation please visit or email our accreditation manager, Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki, at [email protected]


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