Noochies! dog snacks available in CA retail stores

Building on the launch of its online sales platform, the company is now offering its snacks at 10 stores.

CULT Food Sciencea pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, is pleased to announce its inaugural product, Noochies! Freeze Dried Dog Snacks, is now available in more than 10 independent pet retail stores across California.

Building on the launch of its online sales platform, the company has strategically partnered with independent pet retailers to provide pet owners in California with convenient access to Freeze Dried Dog Snacks. These premium pet treats are the first of their kind and offer a nutritious and ethical alternative to conventional options made with factory farming.

Noochies! is the world's first freeze-dried, high-protein and nutrient-rich pet food made without factory farming. Its patented ingredients, Bmmune and Bflora, are animal-free components that offer pets a spectrum of health benefits, including improved digestion, immune system support and overall cognitive and heart health. Learn more and order online at (US only). Residents outside the continental U.S. and stores interested in carrying Noochies! products can reach out to the company at [email protected].

"We are thrilled to see Noochies gaining traction in independent pet retail stores across California. This milestone reflects the positive reception from both pet owners and retailers who recognize the quality and sustainability of our products" said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT.

"We're only just getting started on our retail presence, and there's no better place for us than California," said Joshua Errett, VP of product development of CULT. "As we continue to grow, we'll continue to add more retailers on the West Coast."


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