Pet Sustainability launches online tool

Technology will help companies that are looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition has launched the official Packaging Supplier Marketplace to help companies that are looking for sustainable packaging solutions. The Marketplace is an online tool for PSC Packaging Pledge signatories to search, filter and evaluate a pre-vetted directory of packaging suppliers that offer sustainable packaging options including recyclable, refillable or compostable solutions. This is a powerful business development opportunity for packaging suppliers to highlight the company's sustainable packaging offerings to current and new potential customers, and an invaluable resource for pet companies. 

How to Join the Marketplace

To be featured in the Marketplace, packaging suppliers complete a supplier application, which will be vetted and approved by PSC. This application collects information about the company's participation in sustainability certifications and regulations (i.e. How2Recycle), the forms of packaging provided (i.e. flexible film pouch) and specs regarding product testing (i.e. ASTM standards).

The fee to complete the supplier application is $1,299, however, discounts are provided based on the company’s participation with the Pet Sustainability Coalition. Packaging supplier members of PSC will receive a 40% discount, totaling $779. 

Currently, viewing and using the Supplier Marketplace is only available for signatories of the PSC Packaging Pledge, a concrete and transparent commitment to transitioning packaging to recyclable, reusable or compostable.

How to sign

The PSC Packaging Pledge is open to any company in the pet industry and asks companies to make measurable progress toward refillable, compostable, and/or recyclable packaging solutions by the end of 2025. In exchange for this commitment, PSC is providing signatories with tools such as packaging benchmarking tools, North American and European legislative briefs, the marketplace of pre-vetted packaging suppliers, and more. All pet companies are encouraged to fill out this form to learn more. To read more about the PSC Packaging Pledge, visit PSC’s blog post here.

What companies are represented in the Marketplace?

  • Ahlstrom
  • American Packaging Corporation
  • Layfield Group
  • Morris Packaging
  • Partners Packaging
  • Peel Plastics
  • PetPak
  • PPC Flexible Packaging
  •  Printpack
  • Takigawa Corporation
  • TC Transcontinental packaging
  • Tempo Flexible Packaging
  • Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging
  • Tyler Packaging

The plastics problem

More than 300 million pounds of flexible plastic packaging is created in North America by the companion pet industry each year, impacting around 67% of households that own pets across the United States. Unfortunately, 99% of multi-laminate packaging used for most pet food and treats currently used in North America does not have a sustainable end-of-life solution. While other industries like food and beverage are advancing quickly toward scalable sustainable solutions, the pet industry has faced challenges. 


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