Butcher's Naturals available at new retailer

Treats are available in Walmart stores and online as well.

Butcher's Naturals are now available nationwide at Walmart stores and online. This expansion offers pet owners easy access to high-quality treats, including favorites like Beef Pearls, Chicken Jerky and more.

The partnership with Walmart marks a significant step for Butcher's Naturals, ensuring its top-notch treats are accessible to more pet owners seeking quality products at affordable prices.

Pete Chesna, director of Eurofresh Foods, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its commitment to providing healthy and delicious treats for dogs. The range of treats guarantees a single protein source in each product, exemplifying its quality promise.

For pet owners seeking premium treats without compromise, Butcher's Naturals at Walmart becomes a convenient go-to option. For further details and their unwavering dedication to quality, visit www.butchersnaturals.com.

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