ANDRITZ introduces new tech solution

Company hopes to achieve fully autonomous feed plant operations by 2027.

ANDRITZ introduces a comprehensive suite of automation and digitalization solutions tailored for the feed industry, accessible via its Metris digital platform. This initiative, drawing on extensive group-wide expertise, aims to drive operational efficiency, resilience and sustainability, with the vision of achieving fully autonomous feed plant operations by 2027.

Sohail Nazari, head of automation & digitalization at ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel, emphasized the transformative potential of embracing automation and digitalization. "By leveraging expertise and cutting-edge digital technologies, ANDRITZ empowers businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Our commitment ensures continual support throughout your journey, ensuring operational excellence and business growth."

Key Highlights:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Through digital technologies optimizing processes, asset management and operator training, ANDRITZ offers a holistic approach to feed processing. This unlocks the full potential of feed plants, enhancing profitability and reducing total cost of ownership, with throughput increases ranging from 7% to 16%.

  2. Operational Resilience: Protecting feed operations from cyber risks is paramount. ANDRITZ collaborates with OTORIO, a leading cyber security solutions provider, ensuring full visibility across all assets and operations to mitigate digital risks proactively.

  3. Operational Readiness: Leveraging simulation-based engineering and full-scale digital twin technology, ANDRITZ reduces ramp-up times by up to 20% and resolves up to 90% of potential issues before on-site commissioning, ensuring a smooth transition to operations.

  4. Advancing Sustainability: ANDRITZ's solutions drive reductions in specific energy consumption by 3% to 17% and minimize production disruptions through proactive malfunction identification and asset integrity maintenance, promoting sustainable operations.

  5. Improved Decision-Making: By transforming operational data into actionable insights, ANDRITZ facilitates data-driven decisions for both plant managers and company management, providing a foundation for strategic planning.

To discover more about ANDRITZ's automation & digitalization solutions for the feed industry, visit booth #H001 at VICTAM Asia 2024.

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