UK pet food trends: natural, dry but not grain-free

The past 12 months of trends in the UK pet food industry were examined recently by the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) and GfK.

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From Petfood Industry:

The past 12 months of trends in the UK pet food industry were examined recently by the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) and GfK, reported Pet Gazette

One key finding was that dog food makes up three-quarters of the GBP900 million (US$1.3 billion) in retail pet food sales made in the UK. Of this large segment, dry food ate up some of wet foods’ market share. Also, dog foods marketed as natural rose as a percentage of sales, although grain-free products held steady. This increase in natural, but not grain-free, products stands in contrast to an earlier GfK study on trend in the US. In the US, grain-free products lead the charge towards natural pet foods.

Despite a difference in ingredient focus, the increase in natural pet foods in the UK does reflect a movements in the US and other nations. As Petfood Industry recently reported, many trends have become global. From Bangkok to Nuremburg to Kansas City, industry events have reflected the popularity of high protein foods. Another global trend is the along with ecologically sensitive and transparent production methods.

Consumers have increasingly demanded natural, organic and sustainable pet foods. The demand has outpaced the general market and a Packaged Facts report predicts that this trend will continue.

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