Cats lead Italy’s growing pet food market

Cat food represented 54 percent of the total market with a turnover of more than one million euros (US$1.1 million)

Photo by Andrea Gantz | Flickr
Photo by Andrea Gantz | Flickr

Italy’s pet food market increased in value by 4.1 percent to EUR1.9 billion (US$2.1 billion) in 2015 compared to 2014, a faster rate than the previous two years. The volume of the market increased by 0.9 percent, with sales of a total of 551,200 metric tons (607,593 US tons) of food products for cats and dogs, which is the main market segment.

The biggest segment was cat food. Cat food represented 54 percent of the total market, including grocery stores, traditional pet shops and chains, with a turnover of more than one million euros (US$1.1 million) and 45 percent of the total volume at 246,212 metric tons (271,402 US tons).

In terms of value, dog food accounted for nearly 47 percent of the total market, at almost EUR890 million ($US98 million).

Pets in Italy:

  • 6,964,000 dogs
  • 7,483,000 cats
  • 12,906,000 birds
  • 29,918,000 fish
  • 3,199,000 small mammals and reptiles

Food products for other animals dropped five percent in value to a little more than EUR17 million (US$19 million) from large-scale retail outlet. The other animals segment dropped 2.5 percent in volume in total. Of that volume, birds accounted for 37 percent, rodents 28 percent, turtles two percent and fish 1.6 percent.

In the rest of Europe, the pet care industry is also growing, with an increase of one percent in value compared to the same period of 2014. This trend appears to reflect the general recovery in the sector of fast-moving consumer goods, with volumes that are generally stable.

This Italian pet food industry data is drawn from the latest edition of the ASSALCO - Zoomark Report, an annual analysis of the industry that draws on studies and research by organizations and experts in Italy and abroad. ASSALCO, the Italian National Association for Pet Food and Pet Care Companies, produces the report in collaboration with Zoomark International, the international trade fair for pet products and accessories organized by BolognaFiere, with the involvement of ANMVI, the Italian National Association of Veterinarians, and IRI Information Resources.

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