Packaged Facts releases new ‘Pet Food in the US’ report

Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition from Packaged Facts explores trends in the US pet food industry.

Photo by Ivanko Brnjakovic | Dreamstime
Photo by Ivanko Brnjakovic | Dreamstime

Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition from Packaged Facts explores recent trends in the US pet food industry, from the proliferation of natural brands – particularly those pet specialty stalwarts such as Blue Buffalo and Nature’s Recipe that recently crossed over into the mass-market channels – to the proliferation of just about everything to e-commerce.

With a range of marketers – from mass-market heavyweights to pet specialty brands to store brands – pet owners have many options from which to choose. Pet owners can also choose from an array of products with special claims, exotic proteins and grains, sustainable products and other practices to win over pet owners’ hearts and their pets’ appetites. 

Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition pinpoints strategic directions for current and prospective marketers, with a forward-looking focus on high-growth product segments and market drivers. Covering foods for dogs and cats, the report also provides a comprehensive market overview covering market size and projections, cross-market trends, market opportunities, recent mergers and acquisitions; channel trends, including e-commerce and home delivery; the millennial impact; product trends; advertising and promotional initiatives; specialty diet products; and more. 

Pet food categories: dog and cat

This 2017 edition of Pet Food in the U.S. analyzes the retail market for the US pet industry. The full retail spectrum is covered, including mass-market outlets, pet specialty stores, online and other channels. Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition examines dog food and cat food, looking at trends by form (dry, wet, semi-moist and frozen/refrigerated), ingredients and product claims.

Report scope and methodology

Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition covers historical and projected retail sales estimates from 2013 through 2022. The report documents competitive, new product, marketing and retail trends, as well as trends in pet food purchaser demographics and brand preferences. Consumer profiling is based on exclusive data from Packaged Facts’ own quarterly pet owners surveys and customized cross tabulations of Simmons consumer survey data.

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