Supreme Petfoods brings US pet food sales in-house

Supreme Petfoods, a small pet food and care brand, has brought its US sales and marketing functions in-house.

photo by Andrea Gantz | Flickr
photo by Andrea Gantz | Flickr

Supreme Petfoods, a small pet food and care brand, has brought its US sales and marketing functions in-house. This will help the company to meet the needs of distributors, retailers and veterinary practices throughout the US more efficiently and leverage its knowledge of the needs of small pets. The existing teams providing support for the UK and Europe will stay in place and continue to provide service for these areas.

An expanded team of seven sales and marketing professionals is in place from the start of 2018 and is based in the UK office, servicing the US market. A full program of promotional support and a US-specific marketing calendar has been developed and was launched by the team in January 2018. A new CRM and sales process has also been introduced to improve Supreme’s communications about promotions, deals, special offers and new product launches.

During 2017, Supreme saw sales increase by 10 percent and received four industry awards. The company hopes to further increase its US sales in 2018.

“Supreme is confident this change will allow us to be more connected with our customers in the USA, allowing us to respond quickly to meet their needs and improve service,” said Marketing Manager Claire Hamblion in a press release. “We’re aiming for strong growth throughout our range of healthy species-specific foods and bedding. After 25 years, it’s a category we understand completely. Now we can offer our US stockists the high quality support they need to be successful with Supreme.”

The future of Supreme Petfood in the US

The Supreme team will be regularly meeting with customers and attending open houses and trade shows. US trade shows attended by Supreme throughout 2018 include Global Pet Expo, Superzoo and veterinary conferences VMX (formerly the NAVC) and ExoticsCon.

Supreme products are available in the UK, Netherlands, France and the US from a selection of specialist pet distributors. Supreme is also working to expand its distribution in the farm and home store sector. The company is working with veterinary supply company MWI to support sales and recommendation in the veterinary channel.

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