10 top companies in Asia-Pacific pet food industry

Learn more about top companies in the Asia-Pacific region, along with trends in annual revenues and other information, with Petfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

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These ten companies from the Asia-Pacific region, which is the area bordering the western Pacific Ocean, have profiles in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. Learn more about top companies in the Asia-Pacific region, along with trends in annual revenues and other information, with Petfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

Unicharm Corp.

Unicharm's pet care subsidiary has long dominated the Japanese market. Now the global firm continues to extend its reach in Asia, the US and some emerging markets, since taking majority stake in Hartz in 2011. Unicharm's pet care line specializes in products such as pet foods, excrement cleanup sheets, system toilets and disposable diapers. Domestically, Unicharm has developed new food recipes and products targeted toward aging pets. In the North American market, the company is preparing to deploy new cat litter and dog snack products. Online sales also have grown significantly in recent years, as have sales to pet specialty stores. The parent company Unicharm encompasses additional lines of household and personal care products with a global reach.

Brands: Aiken Genki, Neko Genki, Gaines, Gin no Spoon, Gin no Sara, Hartz

2017 revenue: US$752,653,669

Thai Union Group

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited is a global seafood producer, with additional operations in pet food. Subsidiary Thai Union Manufacturing Co. manufactures and exports canned tuna and pet food, and subsidiary U.S. Pet Nutrition LLC manufactures and distributes premium pet food.

In a 2015 article, reporters documented that some of the fish caught on boats using forced labor were sent to a cannery called the Songkla Canning Public Company, which is a subsidiary of Thai Union Frozen Products. 

Brands: data unavailable

2017 Revenue: US$720,823,520

Jeil Feed

Jeil Feed produces 1.4 million tons of animal feed per year, including a focus in the pet food market on dog food. The company, which invested in a pet food plant in Korea, belongs to the Harim Group, the South Korean leading industrial player operating in poultry production.

Brands: Mania, Star, Jindo, Special Dog, Good Boy, Gold Best, Gold Pro, Bravo, Imperial Dream, Dog Strong, Dogeuwon, Spiru, Elite, Bio-magnitude

2017 Revenue: US$494,189,000

Perfect Companion

Perfect Companion is the sole pet food company owned by Thailand's massive C.P. Group. It was the first petfood manufacturer in Thailand to earn ISO 9002 certification, the company says. Perfect Companion’s factory in Zhejiang province, China produces an annual output of 120,000 tons per year.

Brands: SmartHeart, C.P. Classic, Dr. LuvCare, A Pro, Me-O, MaxWin, Optimum, Briter Bunny

2017 Revenue: US $246,908,000

Nippon Pet Food

Nippon Pet Food has one large manufacturing facility located in Shizuoka Prefecture. The company was founded in 1963 and is based in Tokyo Japan. One of the largest pet food manufacturing sites in Japan Nippon's facility features state-of-the-art equipment and a thorough quality control system.

Brands: Vita-One, Beauty-Pro, Mio, Combo, Goo, Bitawan

2017 Revenue: US$187,000,000

MG Group

MG Group, formerly Marukan Group, owns two large pet food divisions, Marukan and Sunrise. Marukan manufactures a large collection of supplies for a full range of pets, including a line of dog and cat treats and food for small mammals. Sunrise, which was acquired in 2010, has an extensive line of pet food.

Brands: Friend, Minch Special, Plump Soft, Ho Roots, Styles, Revolution, Tai Gong, Petit Ange, Relasoft, Healthy Menu, Bistro Gonta, Nyan, Organico, Zero, Hybrid, Marukan, Nisso, Sunrise

 2017 Revenue: US$165,671,030

Nisshin Petfood

Amid declining revenues, Nisshin Petfood entered the therapeutic and premium petfood market in 2013. The Tokyo-based firm sells domestically within Japan; products are manufactured at Nisshin's Tsurumi factory.

Brands: JP-Style, Kaiseki, Carat, Lovely, Putchinu, Run, Nekofuku, Neco's Kitchen, Kiwamumi, Zeppin and Inu-No-Shiawase

2017 Revenue: US$128,248,000


Petline is owned by Nosan, which is wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corp. Petline's extensive research and development are handled in Nosan's corporate R & D facility in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. Petline is the first company which started the production of cat dry food in Japan, in 1972.

Brands: Medycoat, Medyfas, Canet

2017 Revenue: US$113,000,000

Fwusow Industry

Fwusow Industry produces a range of feed including pet food and fish feed.

Brands: FUSO, Pro's Choice, Happy Adult

2017 Revenue: no data available

Maruha Nichiro Holdings

Maruha Nichiro Holdings is a Tokyo-based enterprise with about 160 subsidiaries and affiliates in a variety of industries. The company's pet food operations, which are a relatively small part of Maruha's business, are handled through its Processed Foods Business Unit, including subsidiaries Aixia Corp. and Kingfisher. The parent company reported in February 2017 that pet food sales in the US and Europe had increased.

Brands: Miaw Miaw, Kin-can, Yaizu-no-Maguro, Jun-can, Kenko-can, Kuro-can, Kingfisher

2017 Revenue: no data available

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