Top 10 European pet food companies’ annual revenue 2018

Learn more about trends in annual revenues of the top companies in Europe, North America and globally with Petfood Industry Top Ckw: ompanies Historical Data.

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These 10 dog, cat and other pet food companies ranked at the top in annual revenue, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. Learn more about trends in annual revenues of the top companies in Europe, North America and globally with Petfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

Top 10 European pet food companies 2018

1. Deuerer

  • Headquarters: Germany             
  • Annual revenue: US$721,100,000           
  • Brands: Vitakraft, VitaBasic, VitaLife, Beef Stick, Deli Chews, Cat Stick, Souprise, Super Chomp, Beef Stick, Sandy, Vita Verde, PoĂ©sie, Treaties, Cat Yums, Mininos, Emotion, Kräcker, Pro Vita, Vita and (through Pets Choice) Webbox, Davies, Oceanic, Meatiful, Spike's.
  • Employees: 1800

2. Heristo AG

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Annual revenue: US$700,000,000
  • Brands: Carny, Integra, GranCarno, Vom Feinsten, Animonda Philosophie, RafinĂ©, Kaytee, Exact, Daya, Amigo, Apollo, Athena and Milkies  
  • Employees: 750

3. Agrolimen SA    

  • Headquarters: Spain 
  • Annual revenue: US$595,500,000                           
  • Employees: 2000

4. C & D Foods 

  • Headquarters: Ireland
  • Annual revenue: US$455,000,000
  • Brands: Woofy, First Class
  • Employees: 1200

5. Affinity Petcare SA         

  • Headquarters: Spain
  • Annual revenue: US$360,210,000
  • Brands: Ultima, Brekkies, Advance, Libra, Trainer            
  • Employees: 1800

6. United Petfood Producers          

  • Headquarters: Belgium 
  • Annual revenue: US$350,000,000                          
  • Employees: 550

7. Partner in Pet Food       

  • Headquarters: Hungary
  • Annual revenue: US$324,120,000           
  • Brands: Propesko, PreVital, VitalBite, Nutrilove  
  • Employees: 571

8. Monge & C.  

  • Headquarters: Italy
  • Annual revenue: US$300,000,000           
  • Brands: Monge, Gemon, Lechat, Special-Dog, Excellence, Simba 
  • Employees: 400

9. Neovia (ex InVivo NSA

  • Headquarters: France
  • Annual revenue: US$289,000,000           
  • Brands: Ganador Salmon & Rice, Minino Yum, Ganador (Blue, DUO, Premium), Top Choice, Best Choice, Poder Canino, Minino, Minino Plus, Pet's Joy, InVivo (Ciclos, Must), Socil (Croc, Canil, Fibs), Presence (Allexis, Kazuu, S&Q, Blisk), maltaCleyton (Dog Choice)         
  • Employees: 3100

10. Versele-Laga NV             

  • Headquarters: Belgium 
  • Annual revenue: US$277,670,000           
  • Brands: Classic, Complete, Crispy, Fishlix, Lara, Nature, Reptilix, Versele-Laga, Bento Kronen, Prestige, Prestige Premium,  NutriBird, Orlux, Opti Life, Happy Life, Country's Best        
  • Employees: 265

Pet food industry data available

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Data sets available for download include:

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