2 top concerns of pet food businesses in 2020

In the ongoing Petfood Industry Confidence Index, two issues topped respondents’ concerns about potential impediments to their pet food businesses in the coming year.

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Get qualified for the Petfood Industry Confidence Index

In the ongoing Petfood Industry Confidence Index survey, two issues topped respondents’ concerns about potential impediments to their pet food businesses in the coming year.

A preliminary question asked: In the coming year, will production activities in your pet food business be hampered by any of the following? (choose one)

  • Skilled labor shortage
  • Unskilled labor shortage
  • Working capital shortage
  • Raw material shortage
  • Regulations/legal issues
  • Aware of none at this time
  • Other

Raw material shortages were chosen by 21.3% of survey participants. An equal number of pet food business professionals selected regulatory or legal issues. Unskilled labor shortages were selected by 9.3% of participants, with 5.3% concerned about skilled labor shortages. Working capital shortages most concerned 6.7% of respondents. The largest group of respondents, 26.7%, were unaware of any potential roadblocks.

Petfood Industry Confidence Index measures pro sentiments

The Petfood Industry Confidence Index survey is open to those employed in the industry. In the survey, participants are asked to complete an online questionnaire, which will take 5 to 7 minutes. The Index survey will be repeated quarterly.

“The index is calculated each quarter on the basis of pet food manufacturers’ opinions on current and future expectations of their performance in the markets they serve,” Joyce Neth, vice president and director of audience development and research.

If you are a pet food industry professional interested in participating it the survey, please complete this brief screener questionnaire. After you submit the screener, you will be sent a link to the questionnaire for the Confidence Index. Participants will receive a preview of the results before they are published each quarter.

The primary objective is to create a quarterly industry insights and trends report. That report will be an in-depth look into the world of pet food driven by the opinions of the people that do this every day. The report will be an insider perspective to the pet food industry direct from manufacturers. The report will include tracking questions that follow industry changes over time. There will also be topical questions about current events in the pet food industry that quarter.

“The index reflects prevailing business conditions and likely developments for the months ahead,” Neth said. “These insights will give the industry and its suppliers benchmarks for current conditions and indicators of future development and will help Petfood Industry focus on providing relevant content to readers.”

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