Mexican pet food suppliers still operating despite COVID-19

Pet food companies in Mexico, part of agricultural conglomerates that have experience with outbreaks, are still distributing pet food, especially online.

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Pet food and agricultural suppliers in Mexico are generally well prepared regarding security protocols and crisis management, experienced in managing through outbreaks such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other consumer goods categories, the agriculture sector, which incorporates many pet food divisions, has dealt with epidemics in the past, gaining the ability to understand and act through the current outbreak.

For example, Bachoco, a market leader in poultry and egg production with relevant participation in pet food, stated it will continue its operations, yet under precautionary and responsible protocols following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities.

Previtep, a large premix and pet food producer in Mexico, just announced its security protocols to minimize the risk of contagion at its facilities. Moreover, the company stated it will continue operations such as production, distribution and client service normally.

While other pet food companies have not issued similar statements, it is assumed they are operating as usual.

It is significant that amidst the current outbreak, pet food companies and their suppliers can continue producing, as consumption will not stop, particularly that of pet food and agricultural products. However, since Mexico is still in the first stages of the outbreak, such a situation may change in the coming days and weeks as the pandemic grows and the situation becomes worse.

Pet food retailing may slow, but not online

With an expected restriction of traditional retailing in Mexico and the self-imposed quarantine of people, it is likely that in the coming days, online pet food retailing will start to boom.

Mexico is well-prepared with numerous online pet food sellers. At this time, online retailers like Amazon Mexico and Mercado Libre are able to respond rapidly and effectively regardless of the number of orders they receive.

Supermarket chains, like Walmart and Comercial Mexicana, on the other hand, are experiencing delivery delays due to the increase of orders to their online platforms and their delivery infrastructures needing to catch up. This situation will likely change over time.


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