Akvatera produces new dog food for Philippine market

New brand ‘Powerdog’ is a follow-up to the successful halal-certified cat food brand ‘Powercat’ in the Philippine pet food market.

Krisia Vinzon | Pexels.com
Krisia Vinzon | Pexels.com

Akvatera LT, UAB, a pet food factory in Lithuania, has started producing Powerdog, a new private-label dog food for Powerpets Philippines Inc.

Powerdog is supposed to be a continuation of and a natural addition to the highly successful Powercat, the first-of-its-kind, certified halal dry cat food manufactured by Adabi Consumer Industries Group of Companies in Malaysia and distributed by Powerpets in the Philippines. Adabi is the first Malaysian food manufacturer to receive the halal verification from its government's Islamic Affairs Division. The company also has an Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification (HACCP, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food) that ensures all its products meet the highest manufacturing standards for hygiene and quality.

About Powerdog

Powerdog is exclusively made for Powerpets and comes in two types of lamb and vegetable adult formulas for small and all breeds, and two beef formulas for puppies and adult dogs. Unlike Powercat, it is not necessary for Powerdog to be made halal because it's not aimed at Muslim pet owners. Powerpets said, however, that they asked Akvatera to essentially derive Powerdog's formulation from that of Powercat and to add no salt, preservatives, food coloring or artificial flavorings. Powerpets brand managers said they are confident that Akvatera's good reputation guarantees that Powerdog is of good quality, too.

The first shipments of Powerdog are now being distributed to Powercat resellers nationwide. Priced at roughly US$37 for a 16-kilogram bag, Powerdog is aimed at the lower middle segment of the market, a sweet spot that offers sellers good return on their investment as it attracts a large group of pet owners willing to spend a little extra for better-quality pet food.

Akvatera, according to the company, is a cutting-edge pet food factory in Northern Europe that has been in operation since 2004. It produces private pet labels and brands for clients in Lithuania and for 50 export markets including Spain, Greece, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Korea and now the Philippines.

In late 2018, Akvatera invested €4.3 million (US$4.9 million) to modernize its factory that saw the construction of a new feed transportation system, a new dryer, an upgraded milling and mixing lines, a new extrusion line and vacuum coating system, and a solar power plant.

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