EU dog, cat and other pet food sales at EUR21 bil in 2019

Over the past three years, the EU pet food industry grew by 2.6% on average annually.

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European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) analysts estimated that pet food sales in the EU reached 8.5 million metric tons (9.4 million US tons) with a turnover value of EUR21 billion (US$23.6 billion) in 2019. Over the past three years, the EU pet food industry grew by 2.6% on average annually.

The FEDIAF report “European Facts and Figures 2019” detailed how these pets were distributed among nations, along with the animals’ economic additions to those nations. Across EU member states, FEDIAF analysts estimated that 132 pet food producing companies operated an estimated 200 productions plants. Those companies and other branches of the pet food industry employed 100,000 people directly, with a further 900,000 employed indirectly by dog, cat and other pet food manufacturing, distribution and sales.

That pet food was bought by the approximately 85 million households in the European Union that kept at least one pet last year. On average, EU households contain 2.3 members, so FEDIAF estimated that 38% of all EU households for a total of 195.5 million people live in homes with pets in the European Union. Roughly equal percentages owned dogs and cats at 25% and 24% respectively in the EU, while those statistics flipped when considering Europe overall.

FEDIAF and consultants comments on pet ownership in the EU

“We are delighted – although not surprised – to read this positive pet data,” Thomas Meyer, FEDIAF secretary general, said in a press release. “Pets are wonderful companions and enhance our lives in so many ways. In addition to offering unconditional love and companionship, science has proven the numerous ways pets are good for our health.

“During recent months, we have faced unprecedented challenges to our physical and mental health.  Through these tough times, 85 million European households / 195.5m peoplei will have been grateful for the love their pets provided.”

“The term ‘pet’ has frequently been replaced by ‘companion’ over recent years, with their value recognized throughout the world,” Joeri Van den Bergh of InSites Consulting said in a press release. “Moreover, it is clear that owners have no intention of cutting back spending on their companions. I was interested to read that in addition to a massive EUR21 billion turnover for pet food, €8.7 billion is spent on accessories and EUR11 billion on services. Our latest research at InSites shows that we care for them as members of the family.”

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