10 top European pet food companies 2019

These 10 European pet food companies ranked among the top in annual revenue in 2019, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data.

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These 10 European pet food companies ranked among the top in annual revenue in 2019, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. Learn more about trends in annual revenues of the top companies in Europe, North America and globally with Petfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

Top 10 European pet food companies 2019

1. Deuerer

Deuerer is a private-label manufacturer in Germany that also owns several major European pet food manufacturers, including Vitakraft, Pets Choice and Villeneuve Pet Food. The company is among Europe's largest pet food interests, with sales extending to Asia and North America.

  • Headquarters: Germany             
  • Annual revenue: US$721,100,000           
  • Brands: Vitakraft, Vitality Plus, VitaBasic, VitaLife, Beef Stick, Deli Chews, Cat Stick, Souprise, Super Chomp, Beef Stick, Sandy, Vita Verde, Poésie, Treaties, Cat Yums, Mininos, Emotion, Kräcker, Pro Vita, Vita and (through Pets Choice) Webbox, Davies, Oceanic, Meatiful, Spike's, Tasty Bone, Rufus, Feathers & Beaky.
  • Employees: 1,800

2. Heristo AG

Heristo AG owns the Saturn Petcare Group, which includes private-label giant Saturn Petcare and Animonda Petfood. With manufacturing plants in Bremen and Blaufelden, Germany, and Hattern, Netherlands, and more than 1,000 product offerings, the group is the top performer of the holding company. In early 2019, Saturn acquired a plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, where production of wet pet food is expected to begin in July 2020.

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Annual revenue: US$700,000,000
  • Brands: Carny, Integra, GranCarno, Vom Feinsten, Animonda Philosophie, Rafiné, Kaytee, Exact, Daya, Amigo, Apollo, Athena and Milkies  
  • Employees: 750

3. Agrolimen SA    

Agrolimen SA is a Barcelona, Spain-based firm whose subsidiary Affinity Petcare is a leading European supplier of foods for dogs and cats. Agrolimen SA also operates joint ventures with British-based raw food manufacturer Natures Menu and US-based raw food producer Nature's Variety.

  • Headquarters: Spain 
  • Annual revenue: US$580,000,000                           
  • Employees: 2,000

4. United Petfood Producers         

United Petfood Producers specializes in extruded dry dog and cat food under private label. The Belgian family business sells in more than 30 countries, including Kuwait, Russia, Suriname and Cameroon. 

  • Headquarters: Belgium 
  • Annual revenue: US$500,000,000                          
  • Employees: 613

5. C & D Foods 

C & D Foods is among the leading European manufacturers of private-label pet food, producing upward of 675,000 tons per year in a range of formats: pouch, alutray, canned and dry. The company is the pet food division of the Ireland-based ABP Food Group.

  • Headquarters: Ireland
  • Annual revenue: US$455,000,000
  • Brands: Woofy, First Class
  • Employees: 1,200

6. Affinity Petcare SA      

Affinity Petcare is a leading company in dog and cat nutrition in Spain and all of Europe. In addition to its Barcelona, Spain, headquarters, Affinity has offices in Paris, Milan and São Paulo. The company supplies product to more than 20 countries.Headquarters: Spain

  • Annual revenue: US$417,310,000
  • Brands: Ultima, Brekkies, Advance, Libra, Trainer            
  • Employees: 429

7. Monge & C.  

Monge is the largest Italian pet food producing company for dry and wet food for cats and dogs. The company operates a 106,000-square-meter production and logistics complex with a fleet of 36 trucks to deliver products all over Italy. The company serves the pet food markets of more than 90 countries and regions worldwide.

  • Headquarters: Italy
  • Annual revenue: US$350,000,000
  • Brands: Monge, Gemon, Lechat, Special-Dog, Excellence, Simba 
  • Employees: 400

8. Partner in Pet Food   

From its base in Hungary, Partner in Pet Food is a European private-label pet food producer, supplying international and local retailers in 38 countries. The company makes a full value range of dry, wet and semi-moist cat and dog food, alucups, pouches and snacks from nine production facilities spanning four countries: the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with an additional sales office in Poland.

  • Headquarters: Hungary
  • Annual revenue: US$330,820,000
  • Brands: Propesko, PreVital, VitalBite, Nutrilove  
  • Employees: 571

9. Neovia (ex InVivo NSA) 

Neovia, owned by Archer Daniels Midland Company, is a major pet food player with strong positions in Brazil and Mexico through its subsidiaries Total Alimentos and Malta Texo de Mexico (maltaCleyton), respectively. The company is also present in France, exports to more than 50 countries, and has a presence in Asia — particularly Vietnam and the Philippines.

  • Headquarters: France
  • Annual revenue: US$318,700,000           
  • Brands: Ganador Salmon & Rice, Minino Yum, Ganador (Blue, DUO, Premium), Top Choice, Best Choice, Poder Canino, Minino, Minino Plus, Pet's Joy, InVivo (Ciclos, Must), Socil (Croc, Canil, Fibs), Presence (Allexis, Kazuu, S&Q, Blisk), maltaCleyton (Dog Choice)         
  • Employees: 3,100

10. Vitakraft Pet Care GmbH & Co.

Vitakraft Pet Care develops and produces more than 2,500 branded food snacks and other pet care products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, hedgehogs and ferrets. Acquired by Deuerer in 2013, Vitakraft works with local sales companies in 19 countries around the world to stock more than 50,000 retail locations.

  • Headquarters: Germany 
  • Annual revenue: US$275,000,000
  • Brands: Classic, Complete, Crispy, Fishlix, Lara, Nature, Reptilix, Versele-Laga, Bento Kronen, Prestige, Prestige Premium,  NutriBird, Orlux, Opti Life, Happy Life, Country's Best        
  • Employees: 265

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